Anonymous asked: "any info/tips on gay and lesbian clubs in korea? I understand you might not go there at all but just wondering if there are any at all?"

I’m 100% sure there are like a few at least, cause I remember my classmate telling me her roommate took her to a gay club one time lol. I know there are alot of bars. I have close to no experience at all, but Itaewon and Edae is your places to go. My advice what I told someone else would be, in Itaewon, walk into a bar and ask people there, or go there at night just ask around (because chances are someone walking around would be going to a club or bar or something), and they said it worked sooo..

Anonymous asked: "I sent the ask about drink costs before. you didnt really answer it. i wasnt asking if they were affordable, but like the literal prices?"

Uh sorry. General prices for just a beer would be 10,000 won, I know some places in Hongdae that sold beers for 4,000~6,000. I remember my friend buying us beers at a bar in Hongdae for as low as 3,000 one time. 

One time in Ellui, there was this famous DJ (cant recall the name) and they up’d all the prices it was insane, like 15,000 for beer? and 30,000+ for cocktails like watduhfuq, but I know in other cases where some idols perform, they sometimes gave like 3 free rounds of drinks for everyone or something like that.

For cocktails, the general prices are usually 12,000~25,000 depending on what you want and the popularity or area of the club. (usually the stronger the more expensive y’know - obviously). At answer, I used to always order a screwdriver, and it was only 14,000, or a tonic for 10,000, or kamikazes for 15,000. I don’t really know about prices for shots since my friends or random strangers are always buying shots for me lol. But I know some clubs that make buying individual shots more expensive, and they make it way cheaper if you buy them in rounds/group/multiples.

Anonymous asked: "is the club scene better in hk or korea?"

Hands down Koreaaaaaaaaaaaaaa