Hi followers. If you guys haven’t noticed, but I’ve been busy lately and haven’t really been updating this blog much anymore. I’ve decided to take a hiatus for this blog throughout the months of September and October, and possibly November. Of course, there will probably be a day or two where I’ll maybe post something. This semester for college is gonna be hard on me. I’m gonna be taking 19 credits and doing a couple of part-time internships and still working my job. I barely have time to just go on tumblr anymore, and running 2 blogs is just an absolutely no. I’ll be on tumblr from time to time, only on my enviouseuphoria blog.

I hope you guys will still be around when I come back, but if not that’s okay. So I guess… bye for now. I wish you guys the best with whatever you may be doing for the second half of 2014. And good luck .

Anonymous asked: "are there any people who sell drug at clubs? are there any places to get any party drugs in korea?"
  1. you shouldn’t freaking be doing drugs
  2. drugs are bad for you
  3. I’m not a druggie so why are you asking me
  4. I have never seen any drugs or heard of any while clubbing in seoul
  5. I heard drug laws are pretty strict in korea
  6. if you need drugs to have a good time then ….
  7. seriously why are you even asking me???
Anonymous asked: "any info/tips on gay and lesbian clubs in korea? I understand you might not go there at all but just wondering if there are any at all?"

I’m 100% sure there are like a few at least, cause I remember my classmate telling me her roommate took her to a gay club one time lol. I know there are alot of bars. I have close to no experience at all, but Itaewon and Edae is your places to go. My advice what I told someone else would be, in Itaewon, walk into a bar and ask people there, or go there at night just ask around (because chances are someone walking around would be going to a club or bar or something), and they said it worked sooo..